In March, Ozzy Osbourne sent The Brewer’s Art a cease-and-desist letter regarding the beloved micro-brewery’s Ozzy Ale that comes in cans sporting an “Ozzy” knuckle tattoo and bunch of bats, both with and without heads. So now Ozzy needs a new name, and The Brewer’s Art is keen to crowdsource it.

To get the creative gears moving, The Brewer’s Art explained via its Twitter account that the ale is a “tribute to the ‘Devil’ beers of Belgium. This beer is light in color with a full flavor and dry finish. Be careful, as it may sneak up on you. 7.25 [percent.]” The micro-brewery also recommended using “the Pitchfork tap handle as inspiration” and to “avoid plays on the name ‘Ozzy’.”

Oh, and you have to drop your suggestions off in person. You have until April 20!

Editor’s note:  Please do share your ideas with us!  We want to know what you come up with!