Here’s a Chance to Add Tom Clancy’s Stylings to Your Home

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If Tom Clancy’s Inner Harbor penthouse was too high a price, now there’s a chance to own his reptilian coffee table. 

Items from the famed Baltimore-born author’s estate on the Chesapeake Bay are set to be auctioned on Jan. 31. The Alexandria-based Potomack Company is running the auction, which is all online.

There’s a chance to ride like the author if you want to bid on his golf cart. If you’re in the market for showpiece midcentury modern furnishings with a wild side, there’s a crocodile skin coffee table, a a snakeskin topped table and a shagreen (read: sharkskin)-covered cabinet.

The author of The Hunt for Red October also had plenty of Cold War memoribilia, like a Soviet-era trench coat.

And of course there is stuff to spy with. Clancy had a telescope. The description from the auction house says he used it to look at ships passing in the bay and wildlife. We now know the Russian spies weren’t far away, either.



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