Driving while using a hand-held phone has been a secondary offense in Maryland since 2010. It’s illegal, but you can only get a ticket for it if you’re being pulled over for something else. So it’s more like there’s a law against using a cellphone while driving with a taillight out, or using a cellphone while crossing the center line, or using a cellphone while unsafely passing. And as far as I can tell, Maryland drivers have been acting accordingly.

But the Senate and House have each approved a separate bill that would make the use of a cellphone while driving a primary offense, meaning you don’t need to be also blowing red lights or throwing garbage out the window to risk getting a ticket for it. So the time may come when you will have to really, really, really put down that phone, Maryland.

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  1. If I see one more person texting while driving, especially on the beltway, I’m gonna pull them over and arrest them myself! Why does ANYONE think that that is even okay? You are driving 60mph+, and its okay to NOT watch what you’re doing, why? OMG! Idiots!

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