Here’s What Marylanders Think of Hogan Now

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Hogan's acceptance speech (via WJZ-TV)
Hogan’s acceptance speech (via WJZ-TV)

A recent Washington Post-University of Maryland poll shows what Marylanders think of Gov. Hogan now that we’ve had three weeks to get to know him. I have to say, I’m slightly surprised. I was sure that as much as voters were asking for a governor who would cut government spending, actually watching it happen would be too much to bear. But so far, it hasn’t been.

Of those polled, 58 percent were at least somewhat confident that Hogan is taking the state in the right direction. And 68 percent are supportive of the two-percent across-the-board spending cuts Hogan has proposed. A slight majority are fine with cancelling the raises of state government employees.

The only big pushback on Hogan’s budget cuts comes in education; 69 percent of those polled oppose “slow[ing] down planned increases in spending on public schools in Maryland as a way to reduce the state’s budget shortfall.”

All in all, it looks like Hogan’s aggressive budget cuts have not lost him the goodwill of the public.

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