This past weekend, Edwin Cardinal O’Brien sent the above letter to Maryland’s Catholic parishes to be read aloud at mass this past weekend, to help the petition-drive to reconsider gay marriage as a referendum in November.

An interesting line comes at the end of the fourth paragraph: “The Church’s understanding about marriage is one of the core tenets of our faith, and we must not, and cannot, be silent when that belief is so deeply threatened.”

Think of all the religions with particular restrictions that society as a whole is not required to follow. Is the faith of Sikhs deeply threatened by barber shops? Is the faith of kosher Jews deeply threatened by cheeseburgers? Is the faith of teetotaling Muslims deeply threatened by two-for-one Natty Boh specials?

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5 replies on “Here’s What Catholics Got at Mass Last Weekend”

  1. “Today after Mass, you will have the opportunity to sign up for this petition”

    Does anyone else find that statement reprehensible?

    1. While I don’t agree with the church’s position on gay marriage, I do believe in its right to organize, and calling on the congregation to sign the petition after Mass strikes me as just plain old smart organizing.

      I just wish its position were different on this one and I do hope they will employ the same organizing tactics in pursuit of positions with which I agree, like support of programs for the poor and opposition to the death penalty.

  2. I’m no expert on this, but I wonder if churches can do this kind of lobbying and maintain their tax status. I’m fine with churches expressing whatever they feel is right and just, but I don’t think they should be able to use tax-deductible contributions to do so: contributions to other political entities are tax-deductible, after all…

  3. In my church, this letter was not read aloud, and that was on purpose. While I know that some Catholics are opposed to the Marriage Equality Act, the vast majority of my fellow parishioners are not. It’s the cardinal’s right to oppose it and ask for our signatures, but many of us believe it’s our Christian duty to refuse this petition and support Marriage Equality as a civil right. Now, more than ever, Catholics should examine their consciences and make it known when we disagree with the clerical and administrative leaders.

  4. EWWWW!!!!! Does the Cathloic Church really continue to wonder why attendance is down? Live and let live.

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