Hilary Phelps Shares Her Pride in Genuine Joy

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Hilary Phelps with her yoga guru Yogi Hari

Courtesy Bmore Media – Hilary Phelps favorite quote comes from Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It’s the inspiration behind her interactive lifestyle website Genuine Joy. Launched two-and-a-half years ago, the site explores Phelps’ passion for fashion, fitness, culinary adventures and cultural experiences. Phelps insists that she is not an expert in these areas, but she’s sharing her experiences with readers in an effort to be better today than she was yesterday.

The site features a blog, her TV appearances and recipes, all of which highlight the many interests of Phelps, a certified yoga teacher and Ironman competitor, baker and a regular at New York Fashion Week. She has more than 9,000 Twitter followers@HilaryPhelps.

Phelps chatted with BmoreMedia writer Diane Macklin about fashion, food, family and her plans to expand Genuine Joy.

Diane Macklin (DM): What’s next for Genuine Joy?

Hilary Phelps (HP): Everything as it relates to the overarching concept of Genuine Joy has been organic. From a blog to an integrated website, featuring third-party content and even on-air network appearances. The entire content and tone of the website has evolved naturally.

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