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Under Armour is Now Team Canada’s Official Footwear Sponsor

The UA Govie Boot with Team Canada logo. Photo via Under Armour.

Canada’s Olympic teams will be rocking footwear designed in South Baltimore for the next eight years.

Michael Phelps Teases Another Potential Comeback, But Says it’s Unlikely Right Now

Courtesy Under Armour/YouTube

Baltimore-native swimming legend is enjoying life outside of the pool, from the new experiences of fatherhood to being a brand ambassador and a hopeful angel investor. However, he hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of unretiring for a second time.

Epic Under Armour Spot Featuring with Michael Phelps Wins ‘Ad of the Year’

Courtesy Under Armour/YouTube

Under Armour and Michael Phelps pack quite a punch when they work together. Yesterday, advertising publication Adweek announced that sports brand’s 90-second “Rule Yourself” ad centered around Phelps’ training regimen took home its top honor as “Ad of the Year.”

Michael Phelps Now Promoting Good Sleep for Mattress Company

The Phelps family, Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook

Baltimore’s favorite Olympian has spent his historic career training hard, eating a lot and getting very crucial amounts of good sleep. The third of those activities has apparently led him to sign on to an endorsement deal with a startup mattress company.

Michael Phelps’ Game Face is Making a TV Comeback

Courtesy Intel Corporation
Courtesy of Intel Corporation

Most of us will remember Michael Phelps’ historic run in the 2016 Rio Olympics that certified him as the winningest Olympian of all time. Most of us will also remember him this summer for the #PhelpsFace.

Maybe Maryland Should Secede and Form its Own Olympic Squad



We already have a kickass flag and world-class athletes. That’s pretty much all you need to be an Olympic contender, right?

Michael Phelps Wasn’t the Only Marylander to Win Gold This Week



Did you know that Michael Phelps has won as many individual gold medals as everyone from the entire state of Iowa combined? But enough about Phelps. Right now, we’ve got another speedy Marylander on our mind.

Two Hopkins Students Swimming in Olympics



Johns Hopkins isn’t usually considered a swimming powerhouse; if the school is associated with anything, it’s doctors and lacrosse. 

Everyone’s Talking About Under Armour’s ‘Rule Yourself’ Campaign



Under Armour’s creative advertising team is at it again.  The local sportswear behemoth’s latest ad to attract buzz features the USA Women’s Gymnastics team and is part of the ‘Rule Yourself’ campaign.

The advertisement recognizes the tireless training and hard work of the young women of the US gymnastics team and shows the extraordinary strength needed to compete at the level of the world-class athletes. “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light,” reads the tagline at the end of the commercial.

“RIP Michael Phelps” Trended on Twitter, Despite the Fact That He’s Alive



via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

Twitter users. They’re so technologically savvy, and yet easily confused. Fred Phelps, head of the absolutely gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church, died Wednesday at the age of 84. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time and no relation to Fred, still lives. But try explaining that to Twitter.

When news of Fred Phelps’s death hit, Twitter users went off with eulogies for Michael Phelps — or sometimes “Michael Phelps’s dad” — to the point that “RIP Michael Phelps” was trending for a minute there. Some of the tweets were obviously intended to be funny. But others seemed much more earnest.