Hogan: "We're gonna declare a state of emergency."

Some incoming governors might take it easy on their first day running the state. Not so Governor Larry Hogan (it still feels weird to say that).  

For his first actions as governor, Hogan issued an executive order removing gender identity as grounds for equal opportunity benefits for executive branch employees; ditched regulations that would ensure that Medicaid couldn’t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity; and nixed a couple regulations limiting pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay, thus drawing the ire of LGBT Marylanders, fans of the Bay, environmentalists, and other folks statewide. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation deemed it “a sad day for the Bay”; Equality Maryland said that Hogan had started out on the wrong foot.

It’s going to be a long four years, folks.

8 replies on “Hogan Spends First Day in Office Making People Mad”

  1. Uhmm. Ok. Whatever. Seems like a nice guy and nice family. O’Malley was a loser. So lets give him a chance. What is the big deal… In other words, what is the big deal.. Is what i am sayin.

    1. Yea sure he is adding more pollution to our already fragile bay and sure he trampled the rights of millions of LGBT individuals but he has a nice family so it’s all good…

  2. The executive order was an omission and has already been corrected. They pulled back ALL pending regulations for review. This was an anti-O’Malley political move and is likely temporary. Contrary to the rhetoric the sky is not falling.

  3. Hogan for president. OUR new Govenour is doing exactly what he was voted in office to do. Don’t like it? New York state is open for business. Welcome to the new world.

  4. So why is my new Governor spending his first day in office derailing laws to create healthier air and water in Maryland? Last I checked we Republicans and Democrats breath the same air. Anyone in favor of selling their health and the health of the bay to a handful of polluters?

  5. He doing what needs to be done. Maryland has been a runaway train for over 8 yrs. it’s going to be painful but just like household budget and rules it’s this or bankruptcy

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