Hogan: “The Physical and Emotional Toll Is Indescribable”

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Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

Gov. Larry Hogan is in the midst of his second round of “aggressive” chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and he just got real about it on his Facebook page.

After acknowledging all the support he’s received, the governor describes the disease and the treatments. “This experience has been one of the most difficult challenges I have faced in my life,” he writes. “The physical and emotional toll this disease takes, the fear, anxiety, and exhaustion it causes, is indescribable.”

Hogan avoids going into detail beyond that. Instead, he switches back to gratitude mode. But if you’ve gone through chemotherapy or something similar, those two sentences absolutely nail the experience. More than anything, it’s indescribable. And as you deal with your indescribably difficult experience, the world seems to hum along as if everything’s fine.

Hogan says he understands “how blessed” he is to have the support of “an entire state.” That’s only slightly hyperbolic. People across Maryland and beyond are sporting “Hogan Strong” bracelets and T-shirts. Heck, there’s a whole website. But all that support makes Hogan think of “the thousands of other families” in his position but without the support.

“Today, I humbly ask that those who support me also remember the thousands of others facing seemingly insurmountable odds,” he writes, “who are just as deserving of our love and support. Do what you can for them, whether it’s making a donation to a cancer-fighting charity, volunteering your time to help sick patients, preparing meals for a family in need, or simply saying a prayer. Thank you.”

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  1. Class act. Glad his second-in-command is a thoroughly capable leader, especially during these toughest times for Gov. Hogan. Prayers for both of them, and prayers for our city.

  2. Governor ..attitude is half the battle, see yourself surmounting the cancer and become a triumphant survivor . May God Bless you, I am praying for you.

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