Hogan Vetoes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Over Toking and Driving

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stoneddrivingMaryland is fine with decriminalizing marijuana. But Gov. Larry Hogan isn’t onboard with penalties passed by the legislature because of worries about people getting stoned while driving.

Hogan vetoed SB 517, which would have legalized marijuana paraphernalia, and made smoking weed in a public place a civil offense.

The bill was designed to clear up confusion that arose in connection with the marijuana decriminalization laws passed last year. However, Hogan still sees a cloud hanging over the measure.

In a veto statement, Hogan said the bill effectively eliminates penalties for getting high while driving.

If the bill became law, Hogan wrote, police “would be left with no authority to make a traffic stop if they see someone smoking marijuana while driving.”

He said the veto was requested by groups that represent law enforcement.

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