Hopkins Researchers Confirm Hackers Can Watch You Secretly Through Your MacBook Webcam

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If you’re not covering your computer’s built-in webcam with gaffer’s tape when its not in use, then you should really start. Not only can hackers use it to spy on you, but a professor and a graduate student at Johns Hopkins have determined that they can even do it without turning on the little red light that lets you know the camera is recording on Apple products released before 2008 — and possibly on more recent devices.

The Washington Post goes into a moderately in-depth explanation of exactly how hackers can bypass this security feature. I don’t totally get it. It has something to do with computer chips.

While it’s been public knowledge that webcams can be accessed remotely, this research is the first to confirm that this can be done undetectably (though it had been claimed by an ex-FBI that the agency has had this capability for years.)

But all of this only serves to underscore the point that you should seriously be covering up that webcam! and thanking Prof. Stephen Checkoway and Matthew Brocker for the tip!

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