If you’re currently logged into one of your Google accounts, click here to see what the company has been learning about your interests through the websites you visit. Scroll down to see what age and gender the internet giant thinks you are. Let us know how accurate it is.

I’m twenty-nine, but Google thinks I’m 55-64 years old. Sure, they make it easy to correct their miscalculation, but I don’t want to. I’m not someone who’s going to microwave his passport to fry the RFID chip. But feeding personal information to a huge company for the sake of “mak[ing] the ads [I] see on the web more interesting” just feels insane. It’s like spying on myself.

By the way, you can opt out of Google tailoring your “ad experience”. Me, I’d rather let the misinformation stand. Gotta gum up Big Brother!

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