How the Recession Has (Sorta, Barely) Helped Baltimore’s Population Problem

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Two weeks ago we celebrated a minor victory in Baltimore City’s population battle when government number crunchers informed us that from July 2011 to July 2012 Baltimore turned around over six decades of population decline and experienced 0.2 percent growth. An article in the Baltimore Sun explains why we partly have the recession to thank for that.

The new paradigm hardly registers on the Sun‘s extremely subtle by-county population graphs, but it’s no less real — the recession has made us more urban-centric.

By and large, baby boomers and millenials already preferred cities, but “stagnant wages and rising building costs” combine to make a big house in the suburbs even less appealing, and a no-car lifestyle in the city suddenly very attractive.

So, numbers have been getting better for the city, as well as Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. They’ve been getting worse in places like Carroll County.

Of course, the recession itself does plenty to temper any benefit in terms of tax revenues for the city, so who knows when we’ll start feeling this turned tide.

For more, read the article in the Sun.


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