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Carroll County Ends Ban on Field Trips to Baltimore After Two Weeks

Photo by Mario Sánchez Prada, via Wikimedia Commons

Baltimore’s northwesterly neighbors have deemed the city safe enough once again for their students to visit for field trips.

Citing ‘Escalating Violence,’ Carroll Co. School System Suspends Field Trips to Baltimore

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Carroll County Public Schools has suspended all student field trips to the city due to concerns about crime.

Carroll County PEEPshow



catch of the day fish (2)If you’re a regular reader of this column (and of course you are), you’ve maybe noticed that pretty much every lead-up-to-Easter post has included a jab or two at Peeps. You know those ubiquitous, radio-active colored Easter “treats” that as far as we can tell, never actually get eaten by anyone. Well, this is the one exception. Because, it turns out that there is actually a good reason for Peeps’ existence, and the folks at the Carroll County Arts Council have it down.

Western Md. Secessionists Hold Town Hall Meeting Today



According to Rich Biancone, a volunteer with the group that’s looking to turn Maryland’s five westernmost — and predominantly conservative — counties into its own state, tonight’s town hall meeting at Allegany College of Maryland is “for supporters, detractors, or those just plain curious.” I choose (C).

The Western Maryland initiative, begun by Scott Strzelczyk of Carroll County, has been gaining steam. The group’s Facebook page has over 7,000 likes, and they’ve rolled out a decent-looking website — featuring a mile-long list of grievances with Annapolis.

The first grievance I happen to agree with: “They have gerrymandered the State Delegate and Senate districts as well as the federal congressional districts to dilute and eliminate the minority voice in the political process.”

Liberty High School Junior Instrumental in Saving Children from Burning Van



This story has everything: a car crash, fire, heroism, and a happy ending. 15-year-old Michael Shearer, a junior at Liberty High School, was doing yardwork at his home in Marriotsville Tuesday afternoon when he heard a car accident. Dawn O’Croinin had lost control of her vehicle, which hit a pole and a tree before quickly catching fire.

The 6th Annual PEEPshow



catch of the day fish (2)The words “peepshow” and “family fun” don’t generally go hand in hand. At least not in the type of household we grew up in. But hey, it’s only once a year, right? And we should probably mention that the only things you and your family will be peeping,–should you attend–are in fact Peeps. As in, the ubiquitous Easter treats shaped like chicks, bunnies, and eggs (is it fair to call them treats if most people we know actually avoid having to eat them?).  Opening today is the 6th annual PEEPshow, where you can see hundreds of wacky marshmallow masterpieces (yes, masterpieces– see the above photo of last year’s Grand Prize winner) created by local artists, families, business, and community groups.

How the Recession Has (Sorta, Barely) Helped Baltimore’s Population Problem



Two weeks ago we celebrated a minor victory in Baltimore City’s population battle when government number crunchers informed us that from July 2011 to July 2012 Baltimore turned around over six decades of population decline and experienced 0.2 percent growth. An article in the Baltimore Sun explains why we partly have the recession to thank for that.