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Romancing in the Holidays at Galloping Goose Vineyard


Romancing in the Holidays at Galloping Goose Vineyards

The holiday season is upon us. But before you let the inevitable stress seep in, take a minute to remember all of the wonderful stuff that comes along with the holidays. After all, the whole point is for us to spend time with loved ones, enjoy great company, fabulous food and drinks, appreciate the seasons changing, and (ideally) relax a bit. But of course, if you’re hosting out-of-town family, or traveling (that is, being out-of-town family) it can be hard to carve out the time for all those things between cooking, shopping, and making sure everyone (yourself included) has clean towels. So here at Catch of the Day, we’re heartily recommending that you dedicate some time to truly relaxing this holiday season. And thanks to Galloping Goose Vineyards, you can do so in style, and in an extraordinarily romantic way.

Carroll County’s Brave New School Lunches


In three Carroll County elementary schools the old-fashioned an inefficient act of physically handing physical money to a cashier in the school cafeteria has been swapped out for a more modern biometric palm scan — a student holds her hands above an infrared scanner which “identifies unique palm and vein patterns, and converts the image into an encrypted numeric algorithm that records a sale.”