How to Know Whether the Crab Cakes You’re Eating Are “True Blue”

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You know when your out-of-state relatives come to visit and demand an “authentic” Maryland dining experience? That usually means Thai Restaurant, Helmand, Crepe Du Jour, and all of Baltimore’s excellent Indian restaurants are out. Because it usually means they want crab, period. (Unless it means they want to go to Cafe Hon — let’s hope they’ve never heard of it.)

Well, with Maryland’s “True Blue” certification program, now you can guarantee that the crustacean cakes you’re eating on are made from real Maryland blue crabs, and not imports — as, shockingly, they often are — verified by the Department of Natural Resources.

So far more than 50 restaurants — not only in Maryland but also in Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Delaware — have been certified “True Blue.” Baltimore restaurants include: 13.5% Wine Bar, Alewife, Alfonso’s, b, a Bolton Hill Bistro, Gertrude’s, J Paul’s, Kettle Hill, Lindy’s Seafood, Loco Hombre, Ryleigh’s Oyster, Tommy’s Downtown Tavern, Wit & Wisdom, and Woodberry Kitchen. For a complete list check the True Blue website.

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