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Pappas Restaurant, a Crab Cake Favorite, is Closed Temporarily After Fire

Pappas (via EastWest Baltimore)

As the week begins, plans to get crab cakes may already be heading to the top of mind. Take note: Pappas Seafood in Parkville is currently closed due to a Friday afternoon fire.

Maryland’s Oyster Recovery Partnership Hits Record for Recycled Shells in 2016

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Six years in, the Oyster Recovery Partnership’s shell recycling program is a success, thanks in no small part to Maryland’s seafood restaurants.

Nearly Half of All Seafood Is Wasted, Hopkins Study Shows



The United States harvests billions of pounds of seafood every year, and some of it is very delicious. But a shameful amount of it gets thrown away, too.

Knife and Fish Cooking Classes at Pierpoint Restaurant


Cooking Classes

catch of the day fish (2)Confession time. We are avid watchers of all those competitive cooking shows. Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, you name it. And it’s not just because of the mouth watering offerings that contestants come up with. It’s also because whether they’re seasoned professional chefs or just obsessive amateurs, every contestant knows more about food and technique than we thought there was to know. And thanks to chef Nancy Longo at Pierpoint Restaurant, some of these sought after skills can be yours when you sign up for one of Pierpoint’s awesome cooking classes.

New England Seafood Takeover at Artifact Coffee


Blue Bellies

catch of the day fish (2)Here in Baltimore, we like our seafood. It’s a strong source of local pride, and every out-of-town guest is always treated to at least one meal that shows off the best the bays have to offer. Summer means crabs and grilled fish, and cookouts that feature all manner of maritime delicacies. But there are other people, in other states who also somehow claim seafood as their “thing.” People even travel to these other states for the opportunity to try some. It’s strange, we know. But it happens. And if you’ve ever wondered what they could possibly be up to up north with their lobsters and crabs that could be so great, you can skip the trip up 95 and just head straight to Artifact Coffee this week when Blue Bellies food truck takes over one of our favorite cafes, bringing New England style seafood to our shores.

Mother’s Day at Kali’s Court



catch of the day fish (2)Whether mom is a Baltimore native, or just visiting for the weekend, the odds are good that some quality seafood will put a smile on her face this Sunday. After all, if mom is a true Marylander, then a love for seafood is in her (and your) blood. And if she’s just stopping by, she’s likely to want some local delicacies. What’s a visit to Baltimore without the fresh seafood, right? So for Mother’s Day, plan a brunch (or lunch, or dinner) that can’t disappoint. Kali’s Court consistently serves up some of the freshest, most elegant seafood around, and with a reputation for class and atmosphere even the pickiest mom (or mom-in-law) is sure to be impressed.

Buck-a-Shuck at Dylan’s Oyster Cellar




catch of the day fish (2)Now, before you run out the door to Dylan’s after reading the “buck-a-shuck” headline, know that it is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. But the fabulous little pop-up oyster bar is lively and pure old fashioned Baltimore seafood magic the rest of the week. The staff even believe they can get literally anyone (vegans, squeamish people, etc.) to try, and fall in love with, oysters. It’s quite a claim, but with the freshness and flair of Dylan’s, and enough perfectly served up cocktails to accompany them, they will likely be able to deliver. Dylan’s offers oysters just the way they’re meant to be enjoyed– in all their crustacean glory.

What’s REALLY In Your Crab Cake?



Hot tip: If a restaurant advertises “Maryland-style crab cakes,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be chowing down on actual Maryland crabs. (I presume that “Maryland-style” just translates to “with lots of Old Bay dumped on top.”) This isn’t just a local issue; plenty of people have pointed out that restaurants tend to mislabel the seafood they put on their menus. But if a new state bill passes, restaurants will have to be a bit more honest about what they’re selling.