Pappas Restaurant, a Crab Cake Favorite, is Closed Temporarily After Fire

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Pappas (via EastWest Baltimore)

As the week begins, plans to get crab cakes may already be heading to the top of mind. Take note: Pappas Seafood in Parkville is currently closed due to a Friday afternoon fire.

According to a Pappas post, the small fire started in the rear of the building between the much-loved seafood spot’s carryout area and sports bar. No one was hurt, and firefighters were able to put out the smoldering debris. Still, the restaurant was forced to close as a result of the damage.

So that leaves the question of when they reopen. Repairs are required, and the restaurant must pass inspections from Baltimore County. According to the latest update from the restaurant, it is expected to reopen later this week. Pappas’ other three locations, including Pappas Seafood Co., are open.

To be clear: Oprah-approved crab cakes are still available. Avid readers may recall that Oprah made headlines when she tried Pappas’ crab cake delivery during a visit in 2015, and deemed the service “worth it.” That option, which is at Pappas Seafood Co., is still available. Pappas also won Baltimore Fishbowl’s blind taste test in 2013.


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