How You Can Help Baltimore Heal

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Photo by  shaka watson via Flickr
Photo by shaka watson via Flickr

Parts of the city are in rough shape this morning. If what happened last night in Baltimore has left you feeling sad, angry, or alienated, why not channel that into helping our city get back on its feet?
A number of ad-hoc clean-up efforts have been organized for today:

If you hear of any others, please let us know.

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  1. From Baltimore TRE: Hearing the fear/anxiety/anger/desperation and hate from our 1st responders, students, teachers, parents, neighbors, media & more, I realized there’s a little something I can do to help. I will be offering FREE TRE sessions for those suffering from the wound festering in our community. I’m free Friday mornings. If you’re interested, PM me to make an appointment. If you’d like to know more about TRE, check out the Trauma Prevention website: I practice out of Woodberry Wellness Center – Baltimoreand Sunlight & Yoga behind TV Hill.

  2. Does anyone know of any on going efforts to heal Baltimore? Any people going down to pray, witness Jesus, God’s Word. Bringing water and food to the relief workers. The only thing that can resurrect and bring life to this situation. If anyone knows of this kind of effort and you need people to help please leave contact information, I will be checking in periodically.

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