Earlier today, a taped police interview and some other exhibits entered during the George Huguely trial in the murder of Yeardley Love were made available for viewing at Charlottesville Circuit Court but could not be recorded or rebroadcast under terms set by the judge in Huguely’s case. The evidence is set to be shown again Wednesday. Love was a Cockeysville native and graduate of Notre Dame Prep.

Washington Post reporters Jenna Johnson and Mary Pat Flaherty, who covered the trial for the paper, pieced together the dialogue from the police interview based on notes from the trial and audio heard today.

An excerpt:

Huguely’s Interview

Charlottesville detectives begin at 7:52 a.m. by reading Huguely his Miranda rights and asking some routine questions. They ask about his day on Sunday, May, 2, 2010, and he said he played golf, went to dinner with his father and then went home and “drank a few beers.”

Huguely: “Then I went over to talk to Yeardley . . . . Yeardley is my former girlfriend .  . . . She was like already totally freaked out . . . . I was just going to talk to her . . . . She started getting all like really defensive . . . week before she flew into my apartment … she came in all screaming at me . . .she attacked me and she was screaming at me . . . when I went over to see her to talk with her she was already on the defensive edge.

She was throwing me against the wall . . .

She said go away . . . . I’m just here to talk to you . . . . She got all . . . we were sitting there talking . . . she was getting all like aggressive . . . then I was like Yeardley chill out. I shook her a little bit and she started freaking out.”

A detective asks Huguely if he hit Love’s head against the wall.

Huguely: “No, no. She was was hitting her head . . . . I said Yeardley stop . . . . She was all freaking out just over seeing me . . . . She kept hitting her head against the wall, I shook her. . . . I never struck her. I mean I never hit her in the face or anything.”

(During this exchange, Huguely leaned against the concrete wall and knocks his head against it, showing detectives what he said Yeardley was doing)

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