Improvements in Store for Windy Road Behind Johns Hopkins

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When I saw that Johns Hopkins was planning to spend $15 million to improve San Martin Drive, my first reaction was Where the heck is San Martin Drive? And then I figured it out–it’s that windy road that connects Wyman Park Drive to University Parkway.

The road improvements will include new sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge. These are great ideas, since the road is popular with runners and walkers. In its current state, there are a few sidewalk-less spots and blind curves; as a pedestrian, you just have to kind of hold your breath and hope for the best.

Bravo to Hopkins for proactively making these improvements, rather than waiting for the inevitable car/pedestrian accident and then reacting after the fact. The project is expected to conclude in Spring 2016 — which probably actually means Spring 2017. See the full details of the project here.

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  1. $15 million sure don’t buy what it use to.
    Leland Stanford only spent $40 million to start his own first rate university.
    Now all you get is foot bridge and some side walks.

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