Incoming Lieutenant Governor to Forgo Most of His Staff

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Gov.-elect Larry Hogan and Lt. Gov.-elect Boyd Rutherford
L to R: Gov.-elect Larry Hogan and Lt. Gov.-elect Boyd Rutherford

Maryland Reporter columnist Barry Rascovar suggested that Gov.-elect Larry Hogan abolish the lieutenant governor position to save “a million dollars a year” that is “wast[ed]” on a position with zero constitutional powers. While there is no indication that Hogan will be following that advice, everyone who begrudges the money spent on the position has cause for a minor rejoicing: Lt. Gov.-elect Boyd Rutherford will not be utilizing “a stand-alone office with a full staff that reports just to him.” Instead, he’ll share most of Hogan’s staff.

Rutherford said that he expects the decision to save money, but that’s not why he’s doing it. He said it’s intended to create better communication between himself and the governor. Well, if the position really is as superfluous as Rascovar says it is, I think I’d rather not be all by my lonesome in my own office, if I were he.

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  1. I have a money saving idea. When the name Martin O’Malley is removed from all the signs around the state that it is not replaced with Hogan so we don’t waste more money the next time we get a a new top dog.

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