Innovative New Early College School Opens in Baltimore

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Bard College has a long history of educational innovation; now one of its most popular offerings, the early college program, is opening a brand-new school in Baltimore in the Fall of 2015.

Students who are enrolled in the early college program spend their junior and senior years of high school taking college classes. For credit. For free. At the end of their four years of high school, students graduate with a high school diploma, an associates degree and as many as 60 college credits. It’s a pretty awesome path for students who aren’t afraid to work really hard.

Bard already runs early college programs in Ohio, New York, Louisiana and New Jersey. The Baltimore school doesn’t have a permanent location yet; its temporary school building will be at Wolfe and Biddle Streets.

All 8th through 10th grade students living in Baltimore City can apply; more info about the program is available here.

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  1. I want my son to go here for high school. He is only in second grade but by the time he is old enough for high school, this will be one of the best schools in the city. Bard College is an excellent college and getting the AA degree from Bard College for free is almost too good to be true!!!

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