With the recent unveiling of the Pimlico redevelopment project, the future of Park Heights is looking brighter. Coupled with the revitalization efforts in Central Park Heights – work that is supported by CHAI – it could lift up the neighborhood, positively impacting the entire community.

The plan, which provides for keeping the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, turns over 50 acres of land to private developers to build housing and commercial buildings. It calls for flexible spaces that could be customized, with the idea that the infield could be used for athletic fields, book fairs and farmer’s markets.

It also includes a new clubhouse, which will be utilized for Preakness. And, it brings in the potential for new jobs, with an estimated 1,500 permanent job opportunities when the site is built out.

For CHAI, which is dedicated to strengthening northwest Baltimore, and works collaboratively with neighborhoods that lie adjacent to the track, this is a gamechanger for the community.

Speaking Up at the Maryland General Assembly

Recognizing the importance of the Pimlico redevelopment project to northwest Baltimore, CHAI plans to take an active role in the Maryland General Assembly, convening neighborhood associations to propose a bill this session to work for legislation this session that protects and preserves community interests.

This means ensuring that community leaders have a seat at the table in the development process and securing revenue from the developed properties to help fund community projects.

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The Associated Contributors

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