Is This Just How All Md. Bank Robberies Are Going to Be from Now On?

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It seems Maryland may be developing a new delightful quirk; namely, that our bank robbers wear memorable duds while committing their crimes.

In December, a woman dressed all in pink — her attire even included a pink headscarf and a pink smartphone case! — to rob a Capital One bank in Landover, Md. And just yesterday, a man wore a loud red baseball cap that read “HATERS GONNA HATE” — with the sticker still on the brim, natch — to rob a PNC bank in Baltimore. No one was hurt during either robbery.

He also let a plaid scarf dangle from under his hat, which — out of context — was a pretty interesting fashion statement of its own.

If you have any information on the robbery, please call the FBI, 410-277-8080, or Metro Crime Stoppers, 410-276-8888.



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