A new study tracking tree density in 20 U.S. cities over an eight-year period (through 2005) found that Baltimore lost tree coverage at around one-half percent per year, a rate nearly twice the average of cities studied. The studied concluded that about the half the trees lost were displaced by pavement or buildings.

In 2010, the city adopted a plan to double Baltimore’s tree canopy by 2037, and TreeBaltimore will plant 6,700 trees in 2012, and plans to plant more next year. The question is, will these efforts be enough to reverse the effects of Grand Prixs and development projects (like the one at Mount Vernon Place)?

For those interested in urban reforestation, there is a website, i-Tree Canopy, a take on Google Earth that purports to survey the tree canopy of a given area. If anyone figures out how to use it, let me know.