Jada Pinkett Smith Makes Major Donation to Baltimore Crime Victims

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Jada Pinkett Smith was born in Baltimore, and the city still seems to hold a special place in her heart. Last week, the actress made a major contribution to the Victims Emergency Fund, which helps support victims and witnesses of crime–more than the entire amount the fund dispersed last year, in fact.

Pinkett Smith wrote a $10,000 check to the fund, which helps provide for the immediate, urgent needs of people who have witnessed or been the victim of a crime. That means everything from helping replace busted locks to cleaning up a crime scene, according to the Baltimore Sun. Thursday’s event raised a total of $31,350 for the fund, which spent $9,000 last year helping 88 different victims.

Pinkett Smith’s $10,000 donation pales in comparison to the $1 million she gave to her alma mater, Baltimore School for the Arts, in 2006 — but surely, it will be greatly appreciated.

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