JHU’s Thought-Controlled Robot Arm Just Got Even Cooler

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I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with the thought-controlled robot arm that Johns Hopkins has been working on for years now. 

The prosthetic prototype already seemed pretty amazing: It’s designed to be looped in to its wearer’s nerve system, allowing for thought-controlled movement. Most of us would’ve stopped there, patted ourselves on the back, and considered that enough innovation for one lifetime. But the prosthetics experts at Hopkins have taken things one step further: They’ve figured out a way to make it so the robot arm can actually talk back. In other words: Not only is the person wearing the arm sending signals to it, but s/he can also receive signals back.

Such an innovation means that the wearer can interact with the prosthetic in much the same way as a typical body part. Pretty amazing. Wonder where they’ll take it next?

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