Joe Flacco Learns How to Throw…A Party

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Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.36.48 PMJoe Flacco’s eliteness has already been questioned in the run-up to this year’s football season. Now, his social skills are under scrutiny.

The Ravens QB’s ability to host a football party is the subject of a new commercial mockumentary. While there’s plenty of product placement, the fact that it’s produced by Pepsi is the best giveaway that it’s actually an ad.

The Super Bowl MVP’s deadpan is right on, and we applaud the layered dip of wordplay with football terms throughout. Along with “throwing” a party, Flacco says, “Bowls can be confusing.” Icing his arm in the soda bucket is a pretty good stunt, too.

Flacco takes a bit of a beating when he’s not playing well, but he continues to show that he’s a good sport, at least when there’s endorsement money involved.


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