If you’ve spent any time in Charles Village recently, you’ve probably heard that soothing background hum that can only come from heavy machinery. Yes, that’s right, it’s summer — also known as major construction time for Johns Hopkins, which is trying to move ahead on several new buildings before students crowd the campus again in the fall.

According to the architectural renderings, the Brody Learning Commons promises to be an Apple Store-like glowing cube attached to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. Or, as the PR copy puts it, “a light-filled, four-story hub for collaborative learning, with a robust technology infrastructure [and] spaces for group and individual study.” The BLC will provide the new home for the Rare Books and Manuscript collection, and an atrium level will bridge the new building and the older library; it will allow “natural light to reach the [formerly dungeon-like] lower levels of the Library.”

The two other buildings celebrate two of Johns Hopkins’ strengths:  lacrosse and health sciences. One alum is providing all the cash to build the Cordish Lacrosse Center, which will apparently be the fanciest/only facility of its kind, featuring a reception area, training room, 50-person theater, and everything else a reasonable lacrosse building might need.

Finally, a new 56,000-square foot building will host Hopkins’ brand new initiative in individualized health, a kind of interdisciplinary program that will unite engineers, life scientists, and medical researchers who “will focus on bringing information science into the practice of medicine, with an initial emphasis on cancer, in a manner that will allow an unprecedented focus on treatment designed for the individual patient.”