Johns Hopkins Hospital Gets Lowest-Ever Ranking: Fourth!

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For two decades, US News decreed that the Johns Hopkins Hospital was the best in the nation. Those days appear to be over.

After more than 20 years when it was ranked as the top hospital in the country, Baltimore’s biggest medical system slipped to third place in 2014 and 2015. This year’s list was even worse news: the hospital slipped to fourth (!) place, after perennial rivals the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and Mass General.

Johns Hopkins is still the best hospital in the country when it comes to rheumatology, at least.

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  1. Not a fair way to bash Hopkins without knowing what stands behind the USNews ratings calculations and also acknowledging the fact that Hopkins doctors take some of the nation’s sickest patients.

    • I think this was written very tongue-in-cheek. They weren’t bashing. From the tone, at least, I think they were bragging about Johns Hopkins, essentially saying there’s no difference between the top hospitals and recognizing that these subjective rankings are arbitrary and flimsy.

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