Johns Hopkins Hospital Is Still Only the Third-Best

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Here’s how Johns Hopkins is like Queen Elizabeth II: For decades, Baltimore’s biggest medical center sat at the top of U.S. News’s annual best hospital rankings, seemingly unable to be dethroned. (Okay, so maybe it’s not the best analogy.)

But starting a few years ago, either U.S. News switched up its algorithm or Hopkins started slipping. Or both. In any case, the end result was a slip to second place in 2012 (behind Boston’s Mass General); a hop back up to the top spot in 2013; and then an unimaginable plummet to third place in 2014 (behind both the Mayo Clinic and Mass General).

This year’s rankings were just released, and Hopkins once again is — alas! — merely the third best hospital in the country, behind Mass General and the Mayo Clinic. Even worse, that third-place spot is also occupied by the UCLA Medical Center, which tied with JHH.

As the Johns Hopkins Hub points out, Hopkins is still the best in some respects: It took the number one spot for all specialties in the state of Maryland, and its rheumatology department is the best in the country. Still, that’s gotta be disappointing for a medical center that got used to being the best year after year.

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