Johns Hopkins Keeps Rising in College Rankings

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Johns Hopkins University

Earlier this fall, Johns Hopkins attained its goal of becoming one of the top 10 universities in the country, according to the US News rankings. On a different list that was released this week, the Baltimore-based university didn’t make the top 10… but that’s okay.

The London Times Higher Education World University Rankings doesn’t just look at domestic schools; instead, it tries to provide a comprehensive look at universities across the globe. And by their measure, Hopkins is the 11th-best school–in the world. Among U.S. schools, it ranked 7th. That’s a big jump even from last year, when the school was number 15.

This year’s top school according to the THE list is Cal Tech, followed by Oxford; Stanford; Cambridge; MIT; Harvard; Princeton; Imperial College London; ETH Zurich; and the University of Chicago.

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