Johns Hopkins Launches New Website for Non-JHU People

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If you’re not a student or employee of Johns Hopkins, you probably thought there was no reason for you to go to the university’s website. (Who even goes to websites anymore!?) But Hopkins officials are hoping to buck that trend and get you to visit the school’s brand-new community website.

In recent years, Johns Hopkins has made getting involved in the community a priority. They’ve invested in real estate, promised to revitalize neighborhoods, and proposed hiring 1,000 new low-wage workers from the community.  “We wanted to make something both the external community and our own employees would find useful and would want to come back to again and again,” Glenn Bieler, the university’s vice president for communications, told the Hopkins Hub.

The new website is meant to be a spot where community members can stay abreast of these developments, as well be informed of cool Hopkins-sponsored events that are open to the public (for example, the MSE Symposium). It’s a good way to stay up-to-date with the goings-on at Baltimore’s biggest employer.

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