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Pro-Islamic State Hackers Commandeer Howard County Government Website

Photo by Colin, via Wikimedia Commons

A digital hijacking has unfolded in Howard County.

Legislative Aide to Md. Delegate Canned for Operating Anti-Clinton Fake News Site

A screenshot of Cameron Harris’ most popular fabricated story, Courtesy Statehouse News Bureau

The mastermind of one fake news outlet that disseminated made-up stories about Hillary Clinton this fall was not a Russian spy or Macedonian mischief-maker; he was a recently graduated ex-college quarterback and fraternity leader worked for a Republican Maryland delegate.

Water Bill Tracking Portal Goes Online This Friday


Sink Water Wikimedia

Water rates may have gone up nearly 10 percent (and will continue to do so for the next two years), but at least you’ll soon be able to see how much water you’re using.

JHU’s Snazzy New Website Up for a Webby Award


jhu website

Each year, the best websites in the world are acknowledged by the Webby Awards — or, to put it another way, Webbys are like Oscars, but for websites instead of movies.

Johns Hopkins Launches New Website for Non-JHU People



If you’re not a student or employee of Johns Hopkins, you probably thought there was no reason for you to go to the university’s website. (Who even goes to websites anymore!?) But Hopkins officials are hoping to buck that trend and get you to visit the school’s brand-new community website.

A Sneak Peek at Johns Hopkins’ New Website


If you go to jhu.edu right now, you may find yourself faced with information overload. The current homepage includes more than 240 links–which means lots of text–and a slightly stodgy blue and black color scheme. After the successful overhaul of the university’s logo last year, Hopkins decided that the next big project worth a redesign was this website. It was time, university administrators and communications staff decided, to give the school a brand new front door.

The new site won’t go live until the school year starts (so, in late August), but to whet your appetite, Hopkins has released a YouTube preview of the new look. Here are a few highlights:

Johns Hopkins Plans Major Website Redesign



Earlier this year, we reported on Johns Hopkins’ identity crisis — and the resulting search for a brand new logo. (Check out the whole saga here.) As if that year-long process wasn’t enough, the university has just announced that it’s planning on doing a major redesign of its website.

The current JHU website has had the same look since 2009. From what I can tell, the university’s welcome page looks pretty much like every other university website out there, with a navigation bar on top, a slideshow of newsworthy photos in the middle, and a newsfeed below. But while the main page may look up-to-date, there’s something a little old-fashioned about its internal pages. For example, check out Hopkins’ admissions page: heavy on the text, pretty dull looking. Now look at the equivalent site on Pomona College’s website: snazzy! pictures! social media links!

Don’t Pee on Me: Baltimore Website Takes on Public Urination



Full-bladdered Baltimoreans, consider this your first warning:  Canton is watching, and if you pee on their walls, or in their alleys, or on their cars (!!), you may well be called out for it on the Internet.