Johns Hopkins Plans Major Website Redesign

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Earlier this year, we reported on Johns Hopkins’ identity crisis — and the resulting search for a brand new logo. (Check out the whole saga here.) As if that year-long process wasn’t enough, the university has just announced that it’s planning on doing a major redesign of its website.

The current JHU website has had the same look since 2009. From what I can tell, the university’s welcome page looks pretty much like every other university website out there, with a navigation bar on top, a slideshow of newsworthy photos in the middle, and a newsfeed below. But while the main page may look up-to-date, there’s something a little old-fashioned about its internal pages. For example, check out Hopkins’ admissions page: heavy on the text, pretty dull looking. Now look at the equivalent site on Pomona College’s website: snazzy! pictures! social media links!

Johns Hopkins has convened a feedback panel of Hopkins undergrads who will help the old fogeys at the university see the value of smartphone-optimized design and lots of little Facebook share buttons. You can expect to see the new website launched to much fanfare in 2014.

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