Johns Hopkins Tops Research Spending, Again

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Photo via JHU Hub

If it seems like we write about a lot of research coming out of Johns Hopkins, there’s at least a good excuse. Hopkins does spend more than anywhere else.

The school once again spent the most on research of any university in the U.S. for 2015, according to the National Science Foundation. It’s the 37th straight year that Hopkins topped the list.

This year’s total only increased the past benchmark. The $2.306 billion of 2015 was up 2.8 percent from 2014. Hopkins remains far ahead, as the University in Michigan came in second with $1.369 billion.

Of course, to spend the money you have to bring it in. Hopkins is also tops in the spending of federal dollars, which come from grants and other sources. That total is $1.993 billion, which also grew from last year.

“Johns Hopkins researchers have more than held their own. They continue to win federal support for work that produces critical new knowledge,” said Denis Wirtz, the university’s vice provost for research and a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, pathology, and oncology. ”




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