Johns Hopkins Tuition Rises to $63,250 Next Year

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Johns Hopkins, one of the most expensive universities in the country, is about to get a little more pricey– 3.5 percent more pricey, to be precise.

The university announced that it would raise tuition by $1,650 to $48,710, an increase of 3.5 percent. Factoring in room and board means that the sticker price of one year at the university is a whopping $63,250 next year.  The tuition hike is about average for schools of similar caliber; for comparison purposes, Dartmouth raised prices by 2.9 percent and Brown upped theirs by 4.4 percent.

Of course, as with most private universities, plenty of people are paying less than the sticker price. Just under half of all undergrads at the university receive some level of need-based financial aid.

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  1. Great news IF you’re a full-time Hopkins employee counting on college tuition remission based on half Hopkins tuition rate for your kids.

    • Even a Hopkins employee would be better off sending their child to UMBC for an engineering or science degree. I hope this doesn’t negatively affect the Lacrosse program or are they outside of the tuition concerns anyway.

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