Two year ago, the Daily Meal decided that Johns Hopkins had the 42nd best on-campus food in the country. Last year, the school had skyrocketed up the rankings to #2. But the university is not satisfied with being second best.Hopkins has committed to offering 35% “real food” — that is, local, sustainable, fair trade, and humane — by 2020. That goal was ambitious: Only 7% of the food Hopkins served in 2012 qualified as “real.” In the 3 years since, they’ve already more than tripled that figure, to 26%, thanks to local partnerships. Currently, the university sources everything from eggs to beef to even canola oil from local suppliers.

That still puts Hopkins a smidge behind Bowdoin, Daily Meal’s pick for the best campus food in the country. Bowdoin has its own on campus meat shop, for Pete’s sake. How long do you think it’ll take before Johns Hopkins installs a butcher shop on its Homewood campus?