Kevin Clash, Ex-Elmo, Gets an Emmy Nod Despite Sex Scandal

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The Emmy nomination announcement must’ve been bittersweet news for Kevin Clash, who received a “best performer in a children’s series” nod for his role as Elmo on Sesame Street — a job he left back in November after numerous allegations of sex with minors. (Clash is a native Baltimorean and attended Towson University.)

This is the 24th time Clash has been nominated for an Emmy, either as a solo performer or as part of the show’s general cast. “We’re delighted Kevin’s talents and contributions continue to be recognized by the entertainment industry,” Clash’s lawyer told the New York Times. “[He] wants to return to work in the industry he’s committed his entire life to.”

If you happen to tune in to Sesame Street today, odds are you’ll see an episode starring Clash, as they’re filmed many months before their air dates. It is unclear who Clash’s replacement might be.

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