Kevin Plank Invests in Healthy Condiments

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398px-Kevin_Plank_-_UA_photoOnce they give back, entrepreneurs often look to give back (and help create more entrepreneurs) by investing in companies. Under Armour founder Kevin Plank has made several investments in startups over the last year. His latest bet is on condiments.

Plank’s Sagamore Ventures ponied up part of a $5 million financing round for Tessemae’s All Natural. The Annapolis company, which was founded in Annapolis by brothers Greg, Brian, and Matt Vetter, makes salad dressings and other condiments that don’t have thickening agents, GMO ingredients, sugar, dairy and gluten. Their products also include 100 percent olive oil to meet requirements for vegan, paleo and whole360 dieters.

Plank was joined in the investment by War Horse, which is led by his brother, Scott Plank, and currently has a proposal on the table to redevelop Cross Street Market.

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