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Okay, when I say “went to,” I don’t exactly mean “graduated from”; more like “spent at least a couple of weeks on campus.” Still! As a kid, the pop singer/fan of weird outfits attended one of the Center for Talented Youth’s summer programs for smart kids, which meant she probably lived in a dorm room on the Homewood campus, ate at Levering, wandered around the sculpture garden, and wandered around Charles Village. Who knew?

Although I have no idea what age Gaga — real name Stefani Garmanotta — was when she attended so-called “geek camp” at Hopkins, I like to imagine her stalking the quad at Homewood in a costume as strange and unsettling as some of the ones she’s worn in recent years.

Other impressive CTY alums include Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sergey Brin, though presumably not all at the same time. That CTY summer camp reunion would be a doozy, in other words…

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  1. FYI, there are at least 17 sites around the country that host CTY. She may have attended Johns Hopkins but I remember there were also a few sites in NY. Also, Mia Farrows son attended too!!

    1. Brian, you’re crushing my dreams! I’m still going to choose to believe she was on the Homewood campus….

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