Lamill Concept Changes Drastically, Will Close for Months

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Lamill coffee shop
Lamill at the Four Seasons Baltimore. Photo via

As recently as June 11, the word was that Lamill, one of two doomed eateries at Four Seasons Baltimore, was going to bounce back from its slated Saturday closing just two days later, as a slightly different type of coffee shop called Le Corbeau Coffee.

Now Alex Smith, whose Atlas Restaurant Group is taking over, reinventing, and renaming the Lamill and Pabu spaces, has said that the coffee shop will reopen as a full-service bar-restaurant after closing for several months.

According to the Baltimore Sun, plans for the Pabu space haven’t change, namely that it will shift its concept to fine dining, while sticking with Japanese cuisine.

In another twist, the new restaurants will not be accessible from inside the hotel, but rather from the street. The change reflects the nature of the business relationship between Atlas and the Four Seasons. Atlas will operate the restaurants independently and lease the spaces from the hotel.



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