Good Deeds Day is an international celebration that unites people around the world with doing good for others and the planet, while offering local volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities to go out in the Baltimore community as well as at-home.

Ilene Schwartz, Chair, and Nancy Rosenberg, Vice Chair, of Jewish Volunteer Connection’s (JVC) Good Deeds Day shared their thoughts about this year’s day of service and why it is different than years past.

With the end of COVID-19 hopefully on the horizon and lives slowly starting to return to normal, why is this year’s Good Deeds Day even more significant and relevant?

Ilene: It is the first opportunity to engage with fellow volunteers and our partners in person to allow for more meaningful interactions with our recipients/partners.

Nancy: After two years of being socially distant, volunteers coming together safely to do good deeds will not only help our partners but also will benefit each of us.

By working to heal the world, we are also healing ourselves.

With so much happening in the word today, especially in Ukraine, and this being the global day of doing good for others, what lessons can we learn and share from participating?

Ilene: With so much division being displayed in our community, country and around the globe; coming together to better our communities and reconnect with others for a common good can hopefully teach us to always take care of one another

Nancy: I know I feel somewhat overwhelmed by so many world tragedies. I try to think of things that I can do to make a difference, even a small one, for one person or one group.

Join Ilene, Nancy and the rest of the community for Good Deed’s Day on Sunday, April 3. Volunteer at home or safely in a group. Check out these opportunities:

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