Let’s Give Some Attention to a Different Obstacle-Overcoming Hopkins Doc

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Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been front-page news for months now. All the press attention to Carson makes it easy to forget that there are plenty of other amazing, brilliant physicians at Hopkins, including some that have overcome difficult odds to become leaders in their fields (and not presidential candidates). 

Consider Donald Coffey, “the Yoda of prostate cancer research,” as one of his colleagues calls him. Coffey grew up in Appalachia during the Great Depression; neither of his parents graduated from high school. As a young man, a mystical experience led him to believe he was destined to research cancer–even though at that point he wasn’t even sure what cancer was. He was rejected from 20 graduate schools before attending Hopkins, where he became a hugely respected leader in the urology field. 

He is also, as a new documentary proudly highlights, a pretty unconventional guy. The full hour-long film will come out soon; in the meantime, watch a great trailer that hits some of the highlights of Coffey’s life here — I guarantee you’ll be inspired.

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