Local Architects Take a Creative Approach to Recycling

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telephone sculpture

“Hold the phone.” “You have a call waiting.”

When your office gets a new phone system, what do you do with the old land line phones?

If you don’t want to add to the landfill, you can make art out of them

That’s the approach Ziger Snead Architects took when it traded in its analog phone system.

Instead of trashing the handsets, the designers suspended more than a dozen of them from the ceiling of their loft offices and made an upside down phone tree.

When people walk by, they bump into the cords, leaving the handsets swinging in the mid-air like a Calder mobile. During a recent Open House, visitors tested the lines to see if any were still working, but no calls came through.

One benefit of this sculptural approach to recycling: No pesky phones ringing off the hook.

Not sure what’s up with the partial surfboards in the background.

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