Huckle’s Hot Sauce, made in Baltimore.

Need some warming up in this winter weather? Sure, you could reach for the old staples like Sriracha and Tabasco, but isn’t trying something local more fun?

Huckle’s Hot Sauce was started as an experiment in 2015 by two locals with an affinity for the condiment. Now, the self-described “gourmet saucier” offers four flavors of hot sauce (distinguished by both levels of heat, and type of peppers used), brewed and bottled entirely in Baltimore. Having found rapid success, they are now sold nationally but have managed to still source their produce locally — a remarkable feat for a growing distributer. In fact, the small company mostly grows their own peppers using organic agricultural methods on urban farms throughout Baltimore City and local farms in Baltimore County.

In addition to locally sourced ingredients, Huckle’s found a Baltimore local to make its iconic, eye-popping label. Hamilton artist Annie Howe creates one-of-a-kind hand-cut artworks with a pen knife and sheets of paper. Her subject matter is often geared toward food and farming — her larger work can be found on the walls of places like Mom’s Organic Market — thus making her a perfect match.

Collaborating with local producers and makers is a great way for a larger company to give back to a city, and truly gain integrity. In Huckle’s case, the end-product is a hot sauce causing warm and fuzzy feelings from more than just the heat!

Huckle’s Hot Sauce can be found at local retailers and restaurants all over Baltimore. Pick some up at The Wine Source today!

Rachel Bone

Rachel Bone is a regular contributor to the Baltimore Fishbowl.