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Home Sweet Home: Mouth Party Caramels Expands To New Digs After Floods Last Summer


The founder of Mouth Party Caramels, B.G. Purcell, is remarkably calm and collected but full of energy. Purcell tries not to dwell on the fact that around this time last year, she watched her commercial kitchen in Meadow Mill fill with water from a flood on the Jones Falls River.

Baltimore’s First Online Farmers Market Launches Today!

Chesapeake Farm To Table Launches Baltimore’s First Online Farmers Market for Home Customers

Chesapeake Farm to Table announces the launch of a new online farmers market for residential customers with delivery service to three partner pickup locations in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Light City 2017 Goes All-Local with Food and Drink Lineup

“Peacock” by Tim Scofield and Kyle Miller. Photo via lightcity.org.

Those who drop by this year’s nine-day Light City festival will have a wide range of local fare from which to choose.

Local Hot Sauce Maker Partners with Local Farmers and Artists

Huckle’s Hot Sauce, made in Baltimore.

Need some warming up in this winter weather? Sure, you could reach for the old staples like Sriracha and Tabasco, but isn’t trying something local more fun?

Slow Food Dinner at Carriage House Farms


Slow Food Dinner

catch of the day fish (2)By now, many of us are familiar with the “slow food” movement—which is basically what it sounds like. Slow food advocates came about as a reaction to our country’s ongoing love affair with fast food. “Slow food,” they argued, was healthier for us, for the planet, and even for the economy. Not only that, slow food encourages dinner time conversation, family meal time, and breaking bread with our friends and neighbors. Also, it usually is extremely delicious. That’s the nature of food that’s had care and thought put into it—which is all slow food is, really. And on October 5th, Carriage House Farms invites you to their annual Slow Food Dinner to see just how wonderful an idea it is.

Urban Farm Volunteer Day at Cherry Hill Urban Garden


Volunteer Day

catch of the day fish (2)Alright. Summer is almost over (sorry) and we know that some of you haven’t gotten your hands in the soil enough this season. Now, we’re not blaming anyone. We know that a trip to  Ocean City or Bethany Beach often trumps the desire to stay home for the weekend and weed the zucchini plants. And that’s especially true when we have access to such amazing farmers markets. Why grow your own when there are so many local folks who do it so well for you, right? Sure. But, this Saturday we’re encouraging you to get out to Cherry Hill Urban Garden and lend a hand– both for the garden’s benefit, of course, and your own.

Learn to Can Your Own Food with preZerve


Canned Food

catch of the day fish (2)The time was, almost everyone canned or otherwise preserved their own food at some point each year. We grew tons of edibles and harvested them. And a bumper crop meant that we could continue to have tomatoes or green beans or strawberries year round– all it took was a little know how and dedication. At this point, many of us weren’t taught to can growing up, but with more and more city-dwellers planting their own gardens and participating in urban farming, there’s no reason we should be letting summer’s bounty run out any time soon. And thanks to the ladies at preZerve, you can learn all the tricks and tips of days gone by.

PreZerve is proud to bring the art of canning back to the communal table. They can teach you everything you need to be able to can your own food and nourish your loved ones with food you know well – no mystery ingredients – while simultaneously choosing a more stable, environmentally responsible food system. Yes! We can certainly get behind that. PreZerve is happy to meet in your kitchen or theirs. You can host a canning party or show up to one of their pop-up style workshops around town. The next one focuses on tomato canning (perfect timing, are we right?) and is in conjunction with Slow Food Baltimore on August 30th at 1:00 PM at a beautiful home in Mt. Washington (address will be provided upon registration). They’ll provide everything you need, and you’ll come away with a whole jar of summer to store away for winter.

PreZerve hosts a variety of canning workshops throughout Baltimore. For more information, visit www.learntoprezerve.org.


Johns Hopkins Commits to Sustainable, Local Food

Hopkins senior Raychel Santo helped convince the school to commit to healthy, sustainably-sourced food. Photo via Cookies & Kimchi
Hopkins senior Raychel Santo helped convince the school to commit to healthy, sustainably-sourced food. Photo via Cookies & Kimchi

In the Johns Hopkins dining halls, the milk comes from a Pennsylvania dairy, the pickles and hot sauce come from Spike Gjerde, and all the bread is made by Stone Mill Bakery. And it doesn’t stop there: the university just announced that at least 35 percent of its food purchases will be local, sustainable, humane, and fair trade by the end of the decade.

Farm to Chef to Benefit Days of Taste


Farm to Chef

catch of the day fish (2)What’s better than 30 of the area’s best chefs teaming up with 30 local farmers to square off in a culinary competition that all ends in you (the guest) sampling a smorgasbord of local, in-season, gourmet delights? Maybe when that event is actually a benefit for programs that bring food education to local school children—helping them to build a food and nutrition vocabulary (AKA arming them with the knowledge they need to become healthy-eating adults).  Well, next week, The American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF) will present Farm to Chef—the food competition that brings local farmers into the equation as well (rather than simply focusing on the chefs—who are so often the most visible part of a food competition). Proceeds benefit the AIWF’s Days of Taste program for fourth and fifth graders, and should you choose to attend, the delicious products of the competition benefit you.

Friends & Farms Makes Their CSA Even More Accessible!



catch of the day fish (2)Ever wanted to get a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share but maybe weren’t sure if it was right for you, or even if you could afford it? Friends & Farms has heard the call, and as of this week, they’ve made it possible to pay for a CSA share on a weekly basis, rather than in one lump sum at the beginning of the season. Says Philip Gottwals, one of the company’s founders: “ [This] option permits customers to pay for food the same week they get it…we want to make fresh, regional food available to all – Our new payment option goes a long way in making this happen.”  And that means a long way toward a fresher,  healthier, and more delicious dinner table for you and your household.