Founders in the latest Made in Baltimore Home-Run Accelerator Cohort. (Courtesy photos)
Founders in the latest Made in Baltimore Home-Run Accelerator Cohort. (Courtesy photos)

Just like a baseball coach scouting for talent, the Home-Run Accelerator (HRA) from Made In Baltimore (MIB) a program designed to help home-based entrepreneurs scale up, has carefully handpicked 12 businesses to join its five-month development program. 

“Made In Baltimore is excited to welcome the latest HRA cohort, which showcases some of the finest aspects of Baltimore’s small business community, and we anticipate providing them with the assistance they require to elevate their businesses,” said Andy Cook, the director of Made In Baltimore. “Concentrating on home-based businesses that aspire to scale is beneficial not just for entrepreneurs but also aids in tackling commercial and industrial vacancy issues in Baltimore.”

The accelerator kicks off with an eight-week master class curriculum taught by seasoned Made In Baltimore business owners and other local experts in the fields of business development and real estate. The curriculum is designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their respective industries.

In addition, program participants will be paired with peer mentors who already successfully scaled businesses out of their homes. These mentors will offer guidance and assistance to participants for three months following the completion of the master classes. With this personalized support, entrepreneurs in the HRA cohort are sure to make a splash and score a home run in the world of small business. According to a press release sent to six of HRA’s past graduates have moved into formerly vacant properties, bringing vitality back to some of Baltimore’s ne neighborhoods. 

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