The Magnificent Mr. Miller is Back at Cathedral

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“I care about each and every one of my students. You are all unique with special gifts that make the world a greater place because you are in it. It is my privilege to teach you.” –Mr. Miller

Mr. Tim Miller is back at Cathedral after a year away, and we could not be happier to have him back in our school. He is currently teaching 5th and 6th grade Social Studies and Math. He says he knew he was destined to be a teacher when he was in 6th grade because he loved learning and loved helping others learn too, especially when it was time to prepare for tests. Mr. Miller says, “I just really enjoyed learning as a student. Going to school, every day was a brand new adventure and I really had no idea what I would learn next. Even today, I am learning all the time.”

Mr. Miller enjoys teaching 5th and 6th grade because of the joy they have. He says that, “One moment they can be seriously debating historical issues and, the next moment, making a game out of catching leaves falling off the trees.” Tim came back to Cathedral due, in large part, to the supportive Christian community. He also missed the progressive education he was a part of and all of the resources accessible to the teachers here. He is inspired as a teacher at Cathedral. He states, “I have learned all these new tips and tools in order to help educate young people and am encouraged in using these new strategies and tools by the school community.”

Mr. Miller is beloved by his students. Katie Smolka shares, “Mr. Miller is really interactive and teaches us cool things. He always greets us with a smile and kind words.” Connor Frank relays, “Mr. Miller is an amazing teacher. He is funny and always in a good mood.” Harper Rudolph is quick to answer why he loves Mr. Miller, “He helps you learn easily and makes it fun. I like Social Studies because he uses cool Apps to help us learn.”

Our 5th and 6th graders enjoy hearing their favorite Mr. Miller-isms each day. What is a Mr. Miller-ism, you ask? It’s a fun saying that Tim uses to grab his students’ attention. If you stop by his classroom you’re bound to hear one of these TOP TEN Mr. Miller-isms:

  • Can I get geeky?
  • Let me work my magic.
  • That’s so last year!
  • Let’s go to chow!
  • Snap Chat that later.
  • Sit in your place with a bright, happy face.
  • Honest to Goodness…
  • Say goodbye to your peeps and go back to your seats.
  • Can I get sidetracked for a minute?
  • Single-file, first grade style…

Welcome back to Cathedral, Mr. Miller!

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Today we learn. Tomorrow we lead.

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